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Coaching that's really worthwhile!

Advice on bilingual education

Raising your child bilingually or multilingually can be the most natural thing in the world. However, it can sometimes pose challenges for parents or guardians. As a linguist with experience in bilingual education, I offer expert advice and support in such situations. My blog already offers valuable tips for day-to-day life – we can happily clarify further individual questions in a personal consultation. 

About me

Linguist and Expert in bilingualism

I am a linguist and expert in bilingualism and live with my husband and my two kids in Zurich-Albisrieden. 


I studied English language and literature, art history and journalism at the University of Zurich. Language has always fascinated me, and the internationality that comes with it, even more. I myself grew up in Zurich as the daughter of Slovak parents. 

Expertin für mehrsprachige Erziehung

Advantages at a glance

Your child will learn your mother tongue without any pressure or frustration

Your child will benefit from increased educational opportunities and better cognitive flexibility

Multilingual education has  been shown to promote your child's creativity and  social skills

Multilingual education has been shown to promote your child's understanding of other cultures 

Multilingual education has been shown to promote your child's communication skills


"Ms Leuthold helped me a lot with my various questions about raising our children in three languages and, above all, encouraged me by passing on her knowledge very competently and from experience. I can only recommend Ms Leuthold."

U. M., Kanton Graubünden

"Ms Leuthold advised me very competently and practically on the bilingual education of my two daughters. She was able to give me valuable practical tips for our situation. This is exactly the kind of exchange I needed with a specialist. I can recommend Ms Leuthold with a clear conscience."

Samuel Kälin, Nyon


"The given advice helped me a lot and encouraged me to continue pursuing bilingual education for as long as possible. At the same time, it helped me to deal with the topic a little more calmly and, for example, to accept that the OPOL strategy cannot be implemented 100% in certain situations. It definitely brought more ease into our everyday lives and the many tips on how the language can be more integrated into everyday life were also very helpful."

Mum from Schaffhausen

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