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Why multilingual education?

Advantages at a glance

  • Your child will learn your mother tongue without any pressure or frustration

  • Your child will benefit from increased educational opportunities and better cognitive flexibility

  • Multilingual education has also been shown to promote your child's creativity, social skills, their understanding of other cultures and their communication skills


Access to a language and its culture is something that is utterly identity-forming for every human being, especially for children. It is important to me that the diversity every person is born with can also be read, and that their linguistic and cultural richness can be lived in all its facets. 

Language is the most important vehicle for the transmission of cultural identity, and the extent to which it is lived or not lived has a significant influence on a child's cultural orientation and personality development. This means that children who grow up with several languages and cultures develop a particularly complex and rich linguistic–cultural identity.


In order to make this possible, it is important to lay the necessary building blocks at an early stage. In addition to other elementary factors such as environment and an innate ability for languages, it is parents and/or educators that have the greatest influence on successful language acquisition. 

I find Colin Baker's (2007) metaphor very fitting here: 

Parents are like gardeners that prepare the soil, plant, water and care. Growth in languages is greatly promoted by skillful gardeners, but is also affected by the nature of the plant, other flowers in the garden, the changing environment, and shifting language climates. 


I am happy to accompany you along this path and through challenges that multilingual education brings.

Why Bubble?

"Bubble" signifies a speech bubble or just an ordinary bubble. Just as two speech bubbles are visually connected in my logo, I also like the symbolic meaning of how speech bubbles or simply people can come together and communicate with each other through languages. 

Why multilingual education?

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